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Jamie is my name.
The date and time it is minus December 29th, 1991 at approximately seven o'clock in the morning equals my age.
I love Patrick so much!
I have an obsession with Marilyn Manson, Layne Staley, Motionless in White,
astronomy, science in general, serial killers, fake (WWE) wrestling, Stephen Hawking, Nikola Tesla, and Isaac Newton.
I am a physics major, astronomy minor, and I play the piano.
Proud sapiosexual.
I love heavy metal.
I'll beat you in chess.
My personality type is INTJ.
I'm a raw vegan and I don't have a religion.
I'm immensely misanthropic.
I'm chronically anorexic (currently 5'7" and 102 to 103 pounds), I have Fibromyalgia Syndrome, I'm a perfectionist, and I suffer with depression.
I would waste time telling you more about who I am, yet I'd rather you find out by yourself.
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